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  • Employee Benefits

  • Customer/Supporter Rewards

  • Athlete/Sports Teams Benefits

  • Money

  • Bonuses

  • Games

  • More Money


Tapestri is for ANYONE (16+) with a cell phone including but not limited to individuals, families, students, teachers, athletes, coaches, employees, businesses, churches, fundraising groups, etc.


Tapestri createes a WIN-WIN-WIN for any organization with employees and/or customers.

Qualifications needed:

  • Cell Phone (16+ years of age)

  • Download available in your country (78+ countries)

  • Set2Earn to qualify for daily earnings

Tapestri is a great way to help employees, customers, charity supporters, athletes, and their families cover some or all of their monthly expenses including but not limited to cell phone, memberships, gas, entertainment, and travel costs.

CONTACT US below to customize a benefit program for your employees and customers.

"Data is worth more than oil. And then we should be benefiting from it, not just the companies." - Andrew Yang, Technology Entrepreneur

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