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We are focused on creating a positive impact and results. Our dedication to designing customized plans for those we serve is matched by our commitment to delivering palpable solutions that make a difference.


Innovation motivates action. We never allow comfortability to stop us from discovering new creative solutions.


Unity is the key to unlocking human potential. The benefits of teamwork are tantamount. As a united team, we can accomplish anything.


When making decisions, we evaluate and weigh all factors before taking any action to ensure the best possible outcome, using proprietary technologies and data analysis to provide evidence-backed results!



"You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough people get what they want."
-Zig Ziglar


Daniel Bauman is the visionary leader behind Amplify. As founder and president, Dan has helped numerous organizations achieve maximum potential financially with his innovative approach of identifying and solving their most pressing issues by improving efficiency of resources and cash flow. Moreover, he has expanded into philanthropic markets to provide exclusive strategies and processes built to benefit everyone involved. 

Growing up in Mankato, Minnesota, Dan lived and breathed sports. A competitive drive from a young age allowed him to become a collegiate athlete. It’s there that he soon realized that life, like football, isn’t just about oneself but more about the team and the importance of working together with others to create a win-win situation for all. "I realized that you can be a great player, but if you're not a team player, you won't go very far in life," he says.

Shortly after graduating from South Dakota State University with a business economics degree, Dan naturally began his professional career in sales. "It was the closest thing to sports and being part of a team. Competing in sales was similar to a sports competition," he says.

For over two decades, Dan has worked with some of the largest companies in the world across a variety of industries. It was during that time; Dan acquired tremendous experience in the business world. He developed strong business acumen along with a passion for serving others. In 2007, he ventured from the corporate world to become an independent consultant, where he was known as The Credit Card Dr. with BBS, to help organizations reduce costs by saving on credit card fees.

After several years of substantial growth, Dan founded World Wide Expense Reduction Advisors in 2015, where he developed additional ways to help organizations increase cash flow. 

Due to increased demand and a desire to help non-profits and those in need, Dan launched Amplify Experts in 2021 bringing a more unified approach to the business, sports, and non-profit sectors all for a greater good. The ultimate goal of Amplify Experts is to "help people reach their full potential by optimizing things they're already doing," as Dan puts it.

Dan has created valuable partnerships through a relentless determination that will leave an everlasting impact. The power of his vision is unparalleled. His commitment to people has never been more apparent, and his goal to amplify the operational aspect of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals is the driving force to leaving a ripple effect of good as his legacy.

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