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Statistically validated program that improves the health of employees while enhancing the benefit package at no out of pocket cost for the employer or employee!

Our Preventative Care Management program is a health plan-related participation only plan. This means all the employee has to do is participate. They do not have to achieve a particular health or wellness goal.

Artificial Intelligence-powered healthcare technology and communications is included to help companies of all  sizes improve the health and wellbeing of employees and improve cost containment.

Contact us for a complimentary analysis and see how your organization might benefit.


The Attentive Preventative Care Management Program improves the employer’s benefit package for employees. The plan enhances the benefits offered to employees by providing a superior Preventative Care Management program with incentives for participation, retention and compliance.

Participation in the Attentive Program results in tax savings that fund the employee’s after tax allotment account. The employee can then use the allotment to elect additional ancillary insurance products.

Attentive was the first to validate compliance for these types of arrangements which are mentioned in the National CPA journal Jan 27th, 2021. Also the first to bring Mayo Clinic content, and now they have an exclusive agreement for 360 smarter care in the preventative care space.

360 Smarter Care is an Artificial Intelligence-powered healthcare technology and communications company specializing in improving the health and wellbeing of employees and cost containment for companies. 360’s solutions target costs associated with Chronic Diseases, Healthcare Plans, Human Capital, and Outpatient Care cost reduction for companies of all sizes.


A Self Insured Medical Reimbursement Program (SIMRP) is an employer sponsored workplace program that provides employees the opportunity to upgrade their benefit package with a certified Preventative Care Program while reducing both the employer’s and employee’s health care costs and expenditures.


Employees are looking for sources to fund financial emergencies as well as enhancing their retirements. The federal government has made available a program to do just that. No salary reduction for your employees and no cost to employers, all paid for through tax savings.

Attentive's SIMRP model is based on existing IRS regulations and requirements. Available to companies of all sizes.

This is a guarantee issued, high cash value IUL life insurance policy for participating employees.


  1. All employees qualify, no medical testing required.

  2. High cash value account:

    • Can’t lose money in the fund

    • Tax-free growth

    • Tax-free withdrawals for financial/medical expenses or retirement

  3. Living benefits, access death benefit while you are alive, cash for living/medical expenses.           

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By participating in a Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan with a Preventative Care Emphasis (SIMRP).

Employer Benefits:


  • Immediate financial impact to the bottom line

  • Reduced taxable revenue - $500 average payroll savings, per participating employee per year

  • Increase employee retention, loyalty and productivity

  • Reduces claims 1-2% on average or $1,400 per participant over a three year period

  • Operational, and fully automated within 30-45 days

Employee Benefits:


  • Opportunity to increase retirement savings by an average of $1,800 per year

  • Robust Personal Health Dashboard identifies opportunities for a healthier lifestyle

  • 24/7 Telehelth™ doctors, nurses, and health coaches, copay-free

  • Mayo Clinic wellness programs

  • Addiction recovery and counseling, copay-free

  • Supplemental insurance benefits such as Life, Hospital Indemnity, Accident, Critical Illness and AD&D

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