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  • Identify opportunities to negotiate better rates.

  • 100% success rate of reducing medical facility expenses by 20% per recommendation.

  • Minimal time required.

  • NO-COST donations at NO-COST to the organization or donors


It’s Hard Running a Healthcare Facility and Your Time Is Valuable

Your time is too valuable to spend it looking at expense reports for items like gloves, sutures and pharmaceuticals. That’s why we’ve created a strategic manual process for outsourced expense management. Requiring less than 10 hours of your time each year, we guarantee savings of at least $25,000 with zero net cost for your practice!

With over 30 years of experience and a 100% success rate, our experts have seen 100+ facilities reclaim their capital and put it toward hiring, bonuses, equipment, software and more – all without changing vendors.

Here is what you can expect:

Zero Net Costs

No Vendor Changes

Minimum of $25,000 Cost Reduction – Guaranteed!

We identify billing errors, optimize service levels, and leverage nationwide spend data to negotiate the best pricing for your medical supplies. Additionally, our services complement GPO services — we ensure contract compliance, rectify overbilling and overservicing, and ensure you’re paying for the proper products per your agreement.

Contact us for a complimentary needs analysis. From there, we can discuss savings and regular checkups to make sure you’re never wasting your time or your money.

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