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Easily approve invoices remotely, pay vendors, and reduce AP costs with automation.

  • Maximize monthly rebates from virtual card spend

  • Approve large batches of payments quickly and efficiently

  • Easily reconcile payables immediately after approval

  • Manage payments from many bank accounts through a single interface

  • Automated emails for approvals and transfer of funds



Organizational Results turns your AP department into a profit center; Generating
monthly cash by paying bills that you already pay.

Checks are costly, inefficient, and time consuming. Our Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution is a free service that simplifies & optimizes vendor payments without changing current accounting practices. Reconcile payables immediately after approval rather than waiting weeks for vendors to cash checks.

When it’s time to pay an invoice, you review and approve the payment directly within our cloud software, then Organizational Results handles the rest. Increase control and generate revenue by joining the online revolution for a simpler way of managing B2B payments.

Turn your Accounts Payable Department into a Profit Center!

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