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Accelerated • Recovery • Performance

There's an innovative and breakthrough pain therapy sweeping the nation. Its name is ARPwave neuro therapy.

ARPneuro Therapy is based on sound science that is patented to identify and address the true source of pain from injury and stimulate accelerated recovery in the body's soft tissues. ARPneuro Therapy decreases chronic muscle pain, accelerates recovery time and improves physical performance – all 100% drug free!





Decrease Chronic Muscle Pain & Accelerate Recovery Time

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance. ARPneuro Therapy decreases chronic muscle pain, accelerates recovery time, and improves physical performance - all 100% drug free!

The more well-known electrical stimulation therapies only focus on where a patient feels pain and only provide temporary relief from pain symptoms. ARPneuro Therapy finds and treats the source of pain, where it originated, and eliminates the physiological pain.

Nearly all injuries are the result of the body's inability to absorb force properly. This force causes the brain and muscles to misfire, tricking the body into believing the pain is coming from symptomatic areas. Unlike other therapies that focus on where a patient feels pain, ARPneuro Therapy finds and treats the actual source of the pain using a high frequency, double exponential background waveform.


While typical rehab for many sports related injuries is calculated in months, recovery with ARPneuro Therapy is measured in days – consistently 60-80% faster than traditional rehab.

ARPneuro Therapy is 100% drug and opioid free. Our procedure works on solving the underlying neurological patterns creating the pain in our lives. We find the source of the pain and retrain the neuro pathways to end it.

With ARPneuro Therapy there is less need for invasive, painful surgeries and the rehab resulting from them. And, when rehab is required, ARPneuro Therapy makes it much faster and more successful.

Just ask any of the professional athletes and everyday people who have used our revolutionary therapy. ARPneuro Therapy improves the size and strength of the affected muscle groups. The resulting enhanced mobility combined with our pain relief greatly increases sports performance.


Powered Muscle Stimulator

The ARPneuro RX100 is an FDA-cleared, Class 2 medical device that introduces electrical signals to the body's soft tissue through conductive electrode pads to provide therapeutic treatment, accelerated recovery, and pain relief.

The ARPneuro RX100 features a blend of two signals: a main pulse and background signal. Electrical stimulation therapy has been found to be beneficial for many conditions. The RX100 sends high frequency electrical impulses that retrain the nervous system and allow triggering action potential on healthy muscles. Depending on the parameters of the electrical impulses, different types of muscle work can be imposed on the stimulated muscles. This muscle work is then able to reduce old muscle compensation patterns and facilitate improved muscle performance.

Our neuromuscular stimulator has been clinically proven to be beneficial to treat conditions including: relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention or retardation of disease atrophy, increasing local blood circulation, improving active range of motion, muscle reeducation, maintaining or increasing range of motion, and workout recovery.


At Home Recovery

ARPneuro Therapy treatment is now available from the comfort of your own home. Contact us directly to purchase or to pre-qualify for our 90-Day Trial Program, Prescription Program, and/or our Amplify Expert Rebate Program to help gain access to the best-kept secret in Human Performance.


The portable PRS provides the same benefits for workout and injury recovery that top professional athletes have used for years.

The PRS can be used for:

Sports Performance Enhancement

Injury Prevention

Sleep Improvement

Relaxation Techniques

Weight Management

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